I designed these course plans with the following rules in mind:

1.) run-up length no less than 85 yards
2.) no turns tighter than 90 degrees
3.) no leg less than 50 yards, except when a few short legs with wide angles are used to get around an otherwise too tight corner
4.) not more than 10 pulleys

Some of the plans are attempts to design a specific kind of plan with a specific field in mind - and sometimes they violate one of these rules, but not to any really serious degree - in my opinion.

If you use any of these plans, I appreciate it if you'd let me know which one and whether you liked it. If you have to make any significant changes, I'd also appreciate knowing how it was changed. You can e-mail me at dog_gone@bellsouth.net

Plans with no crossovers 

Butterfly shaped plans

Figure-8 shaped plans

Inside-box plans

Paired plans

Dangerous course design

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