as - (recessive) - Saddle marking

These lovely photos (of the males) were sent to me by a Pat Adams in Australia

Xzora's Spectacular Bid
This is a red brindle saddle marked

Blarneystone Tekoa (owned by Albin Gersich)
This is a blue saddle marked bitch. The vagaries of color photos makes her saddle look black, but her owner assures me she is actually a blue dilute. I'm hoping to get a better picture later!  

Neilhurst Mr Bojangles
This is a silver brindle saddle marked

This is Neilhurst Mr Bojangles at a younger age. It helps to show how the saddle-back pattern "clears" around the edges as the dog matures. Notice how much lighter the striping on the shoulders, hips and head are in the older picture.

This is a saddle marked red fawn.

This is a blue and tan puppy. I left this picture big to clearly show the color. This is the closest to a true tan-point that I have received in a picture of a Whippet - but I do not think this puppy matured into a true tan-point marked dog. The extent of the tan on the legs, on the ears and cheeks, around the eyes, and the tan that can clearly be seen "creeping" in on the front of the stifles and on the shoulders and muzzle lead me to believe this puppy matured into a saddle marked dog rather than a true tan-point. I've included a true tan-point for comparison. The difference between the sharply separated tan in the tan point and the fuzzy separation between tan and blue on this puppy seems to be a further indication that this puppy is not a true tan-point.

Neilhurst Shadow Dancer - this dog and Neilhurst Mr Bojangles (above) have the same sire, but different dams. This is another blue saddle-marked dog that came out too dark in the photo.
Head-shot of Neilhurst Shadow Dancer
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