kbr - (recessive) - Brindle (partial extension) 

(photo courtesy of Karen Lee)
This is a very lightly marked brindle

(photo courtesy of Ian Rasmussen)
This is a lightly marked blue brindle

(photo courtesy of Carol Curry)
This is a also a lightly marked fawn brindle. His owner says he has NO stripes on his other side!

This is a yellow/gold brindle with medium brindling 

This is a medium marked red/gold brindle

This is a medium marked blue brindle

Here is another medium marked blue brindle - that shows very well the "peachy" shade a blue can exhibit from the action of blue dilution on the fawn part of their coat.

(photo courtesy of Barbara Rooney)
This is a medium marked yellow brindle

(photo courtesy of Robin Barry)
This is a heavily marked brindle - sometimes called a "black brindle"

(photo courtesy of Carolynn Bates)
This is also a heavily marked brindle that also has a deep black mask 

(photo courtesy of Gail Weiberdinck)
This shows very well how a dog can have both sabling AND brindling!


(photo courtesy of Barb Barclay)
Both of these pictures are of the SAME DOG!

(photos courtesy of Lauri Austin)

Here is another unusually marked brindle - again both are the same dog

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