The Guys who are gone
Tenacre Johnny Come Lately, FCh, TT

(photo by Anne Schoolcraft)

(Ch. Appraxin Pagebrook Donald x Ch. Tenacre Ring My Chimes)

b.4/10/1985 d.6/5/1996 of congestive heart failure

Crash was my biggest boy at 22 1/4 inches and 45 lbs. Not sound enough for shows, he enjoyed a brief career lure coursing. He quickly discovered that he could save a lot of effort by coming back to the machine and waiting for the bunny to come to him! Crash was neutered and retired to raising the new puppies that came to live here. Perry and Crash were blood-brothers - they had the same sire and Crash's dam was the mother of Perry's dam.

I lost Crash on June 5, 1996. His heart finally gave out and when the vet said that any treatment we could do would only be prolonging how long it took him to die I made the decision not to put him through that and allowed the vet to euthanize him.

Glorybound the Racer's Edge,TT

(Ch. Ray's Easy Rider x Meremite Jill of Craigwood)

b. July 14, 1979 d. 1994

Tramp got me started in Whippets. He wasn't show quality and he didn't like lure coursing (all those strange dogs, no thank you!) but he was the sire of Spot - my first Whippet Champion, my first ASFA FCh. and my first LCM.

When he was 11 he suffered severe pain from 2 compressed disks in his neck. He was treated with acupuncture by Dr. Harold Rand of Horse and Hound Hospital in Marietta, Ga. It took quite a few treatments because treating his neck changed the pressures on his back and his spondylosis gave him trouble! Treating the back pain changed the dynamics on his neck and his neck pain flared up again - but after treating that again he was fine and lived another 3 1/2 years free of pain.

Tramp was euthanized at 14 1/2 because of complications due to acute kidney failure.

Ch. Turnery Phil-Landra Runswift, LCM, TT

(photo by unknown)

(Glorybound the Racer's Edge, TT x Cedar Hill Lotus)

b.May 1, 1982 d. June 1, 1993

Spot was my first Whippet Champion, my first ASFA FCh., my first LCM, my first BIF winner and the son of my first Whippet - Tramp. He and I discovered lure coursing when he was already 2 1/2 years old. He took almost exactly 18 months to finish both of his run- ning titles - winning all of his points and placements exclusive- ly in the Deep South - in the days when trials in Region 7 were few and far between and he was 4 years old. He alternately ran and showed, and he finished his Ch. when he was over 5 years old.

He didn't really like showing, but the ONE time he showed as if he loved it he went WD and BOW over 77 class dogs/bitches at the MAWA Supported Entry 10/26/85 - the day before the First AWC Southern Specialty - for his first major - 5 points. It was actually quite funny. I had decided to stop showing him because he had been in LOTS of shows (I won't say how many - any normal person would have quit long before!) and had only had a few minor points.

When he picked up the BIG major I quickly decided maybe he had a chance after all! So I kept showing him and he finished in only a few shows - though it took 2 years to do it, because I only entered him at shows where at least one of the shows that weekend had a judge that had put him up before.

Spot died in his sleep of a heart aneurysm a month after his 11th birthday.

Tenacre Rudolph Valentino, SC, FCh, TT

(Ch. Appraxin Pagebrook Donald x Tenacre Theda Bara)

b. Sept. 5 , 1986 d.Dec. 27, 1995

Perry was Crash's blood-brother. They had the same sire and Perry's dam was the daughter of Crash's dam. Perry was not show quality - mostly because he had a gay tail, otherwise he was quite nice. He finished his FCh in short order, but never finished his LCM because he was nearly incapable of making tight turns and he was seldom anywhere near the bunny after the first couple of corners! He ran occasionally to help split a stake, but he wasn't competitive.

Perry was euthanized just after Christmas 1995 because of injuries received as a result of a kennel attack.

Ch. Fox Hollow's Oursin, HIC, TT
Belgian Tervuren

(Ch. Fox Hollow's Black Hawk x Ch. Fox Hollow's Varda)

b.9/4/85 d.1/23/97

Tj was my second Terv, and my first Terv Champion. He didn't like showing and I promised him that when he finished he could retire - and he did! He always pretended to be the big bad guard dog - but he was really a softy.

TJ died 1/23/97 - I found him dead in the yard when I went to bring him in - I think he must have had a stroke or a heart attack.  He was never sick, and he was running up and down the fence just like he always did - he just died.  Maybe the vet will find out what happened.

Note: per the University of GA - TJ died of congestive heart failure due to an enlarged heart.

Ch. Loch-Haven's Southern Star, TT  
Welsh Springer Spaniel

(photo by Klein)

(Ch. Loch Haven's Evening Star x Ch. Loch Haven Sandi O'Joyspring)

b. 9/13/1982 d. 7/3/97

Charlie was my first Welsh Springer Spaniel, my first owner handled Champion - in fact, my first Champion and he's the breed's * first * TT titled dog! Charlie retired young and became the grand old man here at Runswift.

Charlie died 7/3/97. He would have been 16 in September.

Glorybound Cutty Shark, LCM, SC, TT 

(photo by Schoolcraft)

THANK YOU! To Donna Richards of TNT Whippets - she generously donated a trophy named "The Edsel" in honor of my wonderful Veteran. It was offered for the first time at the CHASE ASFA Field Trial in Cartersville, GA Nov 7-8, 1998. It is a Best in Event trophy and the first winner was the Basenji Barron - who bested a flattering field of 6 runners.

O'Run Runswift Antique Bronze, SC, LCM, CRX, TRP, TT

(photo by Rich Bergman) 

(Ch.Bar'O's Ogeechee of O'Run, SC, FCh x Owrun Youghiougheny of Iron, LCM)

b. 4/3/96 d. 5/2004

Click here to see Bandit's page

Sadly, Bandit had to be put down in May of 2004

Wegner's Red Hot Chili Pepper, SC, FCh, CRX, TRP, ARX, OTR, TT

(photo by Rich Bergman) 

(Ch.Wheatland Rico Suave, FCh x FC Marial Palmeridge Pepperdine, SC, LCM, DPC, ARX, TRP)

b. 5/2/95 d. 11/13/04

Click here to see Copper's page

Copper had to be euthanised due to cancer

Ch. Bar'O's Ogeechee of O'Run, SC, FCh, CRX, OTR, TRP, DPC, TT

(photo by Luis F. Sosa) 

(Ch.Barchet Singular Sensation x Ch. Bar'O's Cachet of Bo-Bett,FCh)

b. 12/8/93 d. 2/15/05

Click here to see Slick's page

Slick died at home of congestive heart failure


FC Owrun Hot Caramel of Runswift, MC, LCM2, CRX, TRP, OTR, TT

(photo by Shot on Site)

(Applause Quest for Fire,LCM x Kumasan's Brown Sugar of Owrun, FCh)

b. 1/24/93 d. 12/11/06

Click here to see Baldy's page

Baldy was put down due to neuroligical problems that made him unable to stand or walk


De Villez Troubadour of Runswift, SC, FCh, CRX, TRP, OTR, TT

(photos by Edwards)

(O'Run Nickels and Dimes, FCh x HH Moonlight Serenade, FCh, SC)

b. 4/7/1999 d. ????

Click here to see Trooper's page

I don't know if Trooper is alive or not. Just before the 4th of July, 2009 some early fireworks spooked him and he broke out of his yard and ran off. He was 11 years old and had never before shown any signs of being afraid of fireworks, and he'd never broken out before. We searched and searched, and he was seen at a subdivision near me, but we never found him.


FC Comet's Amicus Curiae Runswift, FCh, CR, OTR, TT, SC

(photo by Shot on Site)

(DC O' Run Runswift Red Gold, SC, LCM, TRP, DPC, TT, OTR x DC Comet's Ikki The Newsmaker,SC,LCM7)

b. 4/18/2000 d. 6/25/2010

Click here to see Rokki's page

Rokki had to be put down due to massive lymphoma


Surrey Hill's Velvet Elvis, SC, FCh, CRX, TRP, OTRM, TT

(Am/Can Ch. Swiftsure Out of Africa x DC Chelsea Selena CD F.Ch. CRX ARX DPC CAV CGC)

b. 12/13/1998 d. 2/7/2011

Click here to see Dylan's page

Dylan had gotten extremely thin and anemic. We tried to get his health back, but just couldn't do it. He finally became too weak and lethargic to fight any more. My vet says he is sure that Dylan had a tumor on his spleen.


Wegner's Solar Energy, JC, TT

(Am/Can Ch. Strebor's Energize, FCh x FC Marial's Palmeridge Pepperdine,SC,LCM,TRP,ARX,DPC)

b. 4/18/1998 d. 3/28/2011

Click here to see Toney's page

Toney was slowly failing, getting thin and having trouble seeing and walking. About 2 years ago he started showing symptoms of having trouble navigating to where he wanted to go. His symptoms worsened and he was getting weaker, so to spare him any further distress he was put down just short of his 13th birthday. My vet said he was sure it was a brain tumor.


ASFA & AKC DC O'Run Runswift Red Gold, MC, LCM2, CRX, TRP, DPC, OTRM, TT

(Ch.Bar'O's Ogeechee of O'Run,SC,FCh,CR,TRP,DPC,TT,OTR x Owrun Youghiougheny of Iron, LCM)

b. 4/3/1996 d. 7/31/2011

Click here to see Rowdy's page

Rowdy was over 15 years old when I had to have him euthanized. He was hale and hearty appearing, and did not look or act his age, but late one night he jumped off the bed to get a drink and when he tried to jump back up he collapsed. He was obviously distressed, so I took him to the emergency clinic and they said all the testing they could indicated internal bleeding. They said all they could do was try to stabilize him, but we still wouldn't know was was wrong and at his age I was not going to put him through that - so I had them euthanize him.


Surrey Hill Adagio Supersonic, SC, FCh, CR, TT, TRP

(Ch. Surrey Hill's Millennium Falcon, FCh, SC x Ch. Surrey Hill's Calamity Jane, FCh, SC)

b. 3/1/1996 d. 8/22/2011

Click here to see Freckles's page

Freckles was almost 15 1/2 when I had to have him euthanized. After Rowdy was gone he pretty much quit eating. It has been suggested that he was mourning Rowdy, but I don't think so. He was always a very competitive dog and I think maybe the last few years he's been eating to - more or less - keep Rowdy from getting his food. After Rowdy was gone I think he lost that incentive to eat so heartily and it finally caught up with him. I came home one day from work and he was so weak he couldn't stand up, so I took him to the vet to spare him any further discomfort.

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