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Runswift Whippets

Let no one say, to your shame, that all was such beauty here...until you came

Runswift is named after Spot
Spot running My first Ch. Whippet, my first ASFA FCh, my first ASFA LCM, my first (and so far, only) Region 7 Invitational Best of Breed, my first Best in Field and the son of my first Whippet - Tramp

This is my place for shameless bragging about my guys -
and a BIG thank you to the breeders who allowed them to come live here!

Please don't ask me if I have any adults or puppies for sale. I only have males and don't do any breeding.

I support the efforts of multi-purpose Whippet breeders - lure coursing, showing, and racing!

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