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Whippet Oddities
  Historical Overview of Whippet Racing Organizations

The Whippet Automobile!

Here's an interesting picture of Eos, Prince Albert's Greyhound.
But look at the size of the dog compared to the hat and table. Looks more like a *Whippet* to me!
Photos from the 1999 Wra National

I found this while searching for Whippet links. The page got "not found" so I lifted this from the search page!

Whippet Haiku
My whippets are jealous of the birds because they can fly,
so they catch and eat them to teach them a lesson about speed.

According to Lynn Anderson the above is NOT a haiku -
he gave me permission to use HIS Whippet haiku and
he is working on a haiku using the sentiments in the above.

A Haiku for Zuni (the Whippet)

Whippets, like a gas,
when warm, expand to take up
space available

or, here's an alternative version Lynn also sent:

A Haiku for Zuni (the Whippet)

Whippets are a gas.
When warm, expand to take up
space available.

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